Tinder App

Tinder App

Tinder App – The Best Dating App

Since Tinder was launched in September 2012, it has been extremely popular across the world. Operating in over 190 countries, it takes pride of impressive stats like 1.4B swipes daily worldwide, 26M matches daily, and billions of matches in total.

Tinder is considered as one of the social dating apps that changed the world of dating online. It’s built off simple premise to choose who you want to connect with predominately on their picture, which is the same with the hot or not rating. In addition to that, Tinder is one of the apps that allow you to search for people who are based on their location that helped it be known as hook up app as other users would use this to connect with somebody close by for immediate meet up.

Overall, Tinder is a great app to find those who are nearby. However, in case you’re searching for long term relationships, you must check it out today.


  • $9.99 for 1 month (Tinder Plus under 28)
  • $19.99 for 1 month (Tinder Plus over 28)
  • $4.99 for 1 month (Tinder Gold)

Subscriptions are basically charged in 1 upfront lump sum payment and renewed when subscription period ends. To cancel, you should do so in your Google Play or iTunes if you are using Apple.


Tinder is definitely a social media app as it’s based on your profile on Facebook. It can be also linked to your page on Instagram and display more about yourself. If you’re into music, you may link your account on Spotify to show some members your taste in stimulating conversations.

Tinder Social is a new feature on Tinder. It enables you to nominate friends from your friends list on Facebook that you plan going out with that night and say where you’ll be partying. With this feature, you can invite some Tinder members to join, which is definitely a great social experience.

Tinder Boost is a feature launched recently that promises up to ten times more profile views through purchasing boost credits to be a top profile in your area for thirty minutes. Tinder Picks is also a Tinder feature and has a new available special feature with Tinder Gold. The Picks are basically presented in the grid-like menu on the top part. Each recommendation is showed via photo and with a 1-word highlight that tells you why Tinder chosen that users for you.

Editor’s Verdict

Tinder is an easy and simple dating app that allows you to connect with a lot of users in just a short period of time. As with the majority of dating sites, there are some stories of success from Tinder and some of them end up getting married. However, others said that the app is only ideal for short-term relationships. Even if the app has special features and lots of members, the majority of the members seem to be actually free members and there are lots of fake profiles or spam, particularly female profiles, which lead to porn websites.